Ranjit’s kitchen is all about making fresh food on a daily basis. Fresh curries will be made daily but once they’re done they’re done. So it’s best to come early to get the best choice.


A typical menu will look something like this:

Daal of the day (see board) –  Indian lentils served in a large bowl, served with 2 rotis or 1 plain parantha

Sabji of the day (see board)  a fresh vegetable cooked in Panjabi spices served with rotis or plain parantha

Panjabi thali a tasty tray of flavour with the Daal of the DaySabji of the day, homemade natural yoghurt ,  fresh side salad, 2 rotis or 1 plain parantha,  some pickle or chutney 

Full Panjabi tea for two  2 Samosas, a portion of pakora,  tamarind chutney, mint yoghurt dip,  a trio of Panjabi sweets and a pot of Panjabi tea or Panjabi Coffee.

Ranjit’s special pakora  A fine mix of cauliflower, spinach, aubergines, onions, potatoes, spices all in a tasty gram flour, fried and served with salad and chutney.

Samosa channa special  Two of our fine handmade samosas, a portion of spicy chickpeas, tamarind chutney, mint yoghurt dip and spicy onions.

Aloo tikki – mashed spicy potatoes and onions , coated in a light fluffy batter and served with a chutney

Samosas – spiced potatoes, green peas, panjabi spices in a triangle crispy pastry.

Paneer pakora – Homemade paneer, marinated in spices, stuffed with fresh Ginger, red onions and a hint of tamarind and coated in a crispy gram flour batter and fried. 

Paneer spring rolls – Homemade paneer, with fresh onion spices and sweetcorn coated in a crispy filo pastry, served with a dip.

Mixed vegetables spring rolls – mixed shredded vegetables and Panjabi spices coated in a crispy filo pastry, served with a dip.

Sweet & sour channa with paneer chickpeas with fresh mixed peppers in a sweet and sour sauce with chunks of fresh homemade paneer

Scrambled mixed vegetable paneer –homemade paneer scrambled with a selection of spices and mixed vegetables, served on a large roti.


Only some of these will be available on a daily basis – best to check our facebook or call the shop to find out what our specials are.

Saag and makki di rotti – Saag is a delicacy originating from the Panjab. It is made mainly from mustard leaves, spinach and fenugreek, spices and butter for creaminess. It has a dark green colour, a rich aroma that would make any true panjabi’s mouth water. It is traditionally served with Makki di Rotti – a flat bread made of yellow cornmeal, fresh green chillies, radish and pickles.

Pakora Curry – made with a yoghurt sauce, dumplings of fresh pakora, small potatoes, peppercorns and Panjabi spices. Served with a basmati rice.

Chole Bhattura – overnight soaked chickpeas, marinated in a spicy tomato sauce, with onions, garlic and ginger and served with a deep fried light fluffy bread.

Stuffed Keralas – a fried bitter gourd stuffed with a mixture of spicy onions, garlic, ginger and  Panjabi masala and then baked in the oven.

Fresh Ginger Soup  – a spicy mix of fresh ginger, onions, tomatoes and Panjabi spices – a great one if you’re needing heated up or want rid of a cold. 

Palak Paneer – fresh spinach cooked with ginger, garlic and spices with chunks of fresh paneer.

Shimla mirch – fresh peppers halved, stuffed with a mix of ginger, onions, diced potatoes and Panjabi spices and oven baked.

Roasted Paneer Tikka – chunks of our homemade paneer, slow cooked with a spiced red onions. 


Matar Paneer – a masala tomato sauce with chunks of fresh marinated paneer and garden peas.

Daal makhani 


Roti – A flat bread, made from stoneground wholemeal flour, traditionally known as atta flour, a staple food in the Panjab.  

Plain Parantha – a square roti made with a light masala and topped with a little butter.

Lacha Parantha – a multi layered roti cooked with butter, flaky and crispy to eat.  

Aloo Parantha – a spicy potato mix stuffed into a roti and cooked on a tava

Mooli Parantha – a mixture of radish, onions and spices stuffed into a roti and cooked on a tava

Gobi Parantha – a mixture of cauliflower, onions and spices stuffed into a roti and cooked on the tava

Methi Parantha – a mixture of fenugreek, onions and spices stuffed into a roti and cooked on the tava 

Special Mixed Parantha – a mixture of fenugreek, radish, cauliflower, daals kneaded into the dough and then rolled out and cooked on the tava.  


Barfi – a smooth sweet made with ground almonds, milk, sugar and cream. 

Gulab Jamun – dough balls fried and then soaked and served in dripping sweet syrup. 

Snowflake Gulab Jamun – dough balls fried and soaked in sweet syrup and then rolled in delicate coconut flakes. 

Besan – a traditional rich Panjabi sweet made with gramflour, sugar, and creamy butter

Ladoo – a handmade ball shaped traditional sweet made with gramflour and sugary syrup

Jalebi – deep fried wheat flour batter in a messy circular shape soaked in a sugar syrup best eaten hot.   

Ras Malai – literally means juice cream, it is paneer immersed in syrup floating in a flavoursome cardamom and pistachio milk.

Gajrela – the Panjabi  take on carrot cake with lots of pistachios and almonds 


Mathiya & Mathri – a savoury biscuity snack flavoured with ajwain.  

Shakar Parae – sweet pastry squares

Panjabi seernee – sweet or salt


A mix of mangoes, limes, fresh mint, onions and panjabi spices.

Red onions, mint and tamarind.

Grated carrots, onions, fresh mint, Panjabi spices and tamarind.

Homemade natural yoghurt, mint and Panjabi spices.


Chunks of lemon, ginger and fresh red chillies pickled with mustard seeds, oils and spices.

Carrots pickled with mustard seeds oils and spices.

Mango pickled.


We don’t serve alcohol in the Kitchen, it doesn’t go well with our food, plus there are plenty of bars along this road that do. We do serve:

Lassi – a cooling yoghurt based drink

Mango flavoured Lassi

Sparkling water / Bottled still water

Coconut water

Mango – still or sparkling

Passion – still / sparkling


Guava still / sparkling

Pomegranate – still / sparkling 

Irn Bru  / Diet Irn Bru 


San Pellegrino