Ranjit’s Kitchen is a brand new family-run deli serving traditional Panjabi food in the heart of Pollokshields, Glasgow. We serve fresh food daily from 12 – 8.30pm (closed Mondays).


At its heart the kitchen is simply about making homemade Panjabi food precisely the way it is eaten in every Panjabi household across the world.  The food we serve is authentic and has not been westernised, watered down or tampered with to suit a Glasgow restaurant crowd. For this reason our menu is limited and will change regularly depending on what vegetables are available in the local fruit and veg shops.

Our aim is to provide exactly the kind of Panjabi food you would eat, if you travelled to a village in the Panjab. 

who is ranjit?

Ranjit Kaur is a Sikh woman from the village of Jandiala in the Jalandhar district of the Panjab, the north west of India. She has lived in the UK since the early 1980s and in Glasgow since around 1990.

Ranjit grew up working alongside her brothers and sisters on the family farm in the Panjab helping to plant seeds, grow vegetables and fruit, milk cows and buffalos and of course at the same time learning to make fresh Panjabi food. 

Ranjit’s love for cooking came at an early age and she learnt all of the basics from her mum and elders. When she married and moved to the UK, Ranjit brought her passion for cooking and food with her.  For Ranjit, it was a way to remember the warm sweet smells and tastes of the Panjab, as she acclimatised to her new way of life here in the UK.

Ranjit’s Kitchen signifies a journey from the Panjab to Glasgow and is a collection of memories, tastes, ideas and flavours that have developed over many decades. It is a family run business with Ranjit’s children helping to turn their mothers lifelong dream into a reality.